Within our safe and secure purpose-built play area, little ones can try their hand at a whole host of 'grown up' jobs. From vet to builder, hair stylist to police person, they are free to explore while you kick back with a coffee in our café

Each area is kitted out with realistic and age appropriate props to give Play Avenue a ‘grown up’ feel. After each session, Play Avenue is ‘reset’ ensuring every visitor has the full experience.

We have 15 areas specifically designed to inspire, encourage and entertain little minds, check them out…

Play Avenue Amanda

Builders’ Yard

Everything they need for an imaginary build – hard hat, realistic bricks, dumper truck and of course, the blueprints! They’ll soon have the foundations in place!

Hair Salon

From the reception desk to the stylist stations, your little one can let their imagination run wild as they imagine the grown-up world of hairdressing.

Fire Station

With uniforms to set the mood, fire pole, fire engine and lockers, every wannabe fire chief will love to explore our fire station.

Police Station

Whether it is the thrill of catching ‘baddies’ on police motorbikes or taking charge of a situation at the incident desk – your little one will crack the case in no time!


Our café has a counter, coffee machine, play food, cups and aprons – everything they need for an authentic barista experience.

Post Office

With our realistic set-up including pigeon holes, parcels, letters and sacks for delivery, your little one is sure to love delivering on time.

Veterinary Practice

Bring out their caring side with our purpose-built veterinary practice. Step inside the waiting room, slip on the uniform and take care of the play animals on the vet’s table in this realistic atmosphere.

Maternity Unit

Does your little one like to nurture those around them? With the newborn ‘babies’ recently delivered, there’s so much to do! From bathing to nappy changes, getting dressed and rocking them to sleep, they’ll be right in their element.

Doctor’s Surgery

Feed their curiosity in our doctor’s surgery where they can make use of a wide range of realistic accessories including doctor’s couch, eye chart and stethoscope to ensure they fix up all their ‘patients’.


In our supermarket they can experience the grown-up world as they ‘shop’ or ‘work’ in our superstore! They’ll find aisles with shelves, till points, freezer, products for sale and trolleys/baskets – all adding to the realism.


Ta da! Let them act, dance and perform their little hearts out on our stage complete with red curtains, costumes, lighting and ticket kiosk!

Ice Cream Van

Maybe they’ll be serving 99s to all their friends, or placing an order for some elaborate confection – either way, with make-believe ice creams, lollies, apron and scoops to help things along, they’ll have plenty of fun.

Picnic Area

From a teddy bear’s picnic to an afternoon tea, our little guests can let their imagination roam free.


Purpose built and designed with little ones in mind, our caravan includes a kitchen, seating and accessories to get your little one in the holiday mood.


Enjoy the sunshine indoors at our little seaside bay. They’ll enjoy the beachside feel all without sand in their toes – or the sunburn!